15 of the best free books on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books

What’s better than a cheap book? That’s right, a free book. There are many fantastic books you can download and read through Amazon’s Kindle store and Apple Books that won’t cost you a single cent. This is thanks to the wonders of the public domain, which allow classics from Shakespeare to Kafka to be available to all.

Apple’s reading platform has an extensive list of free “books you’ve meant to read”, while Amazon offers a library of classics that are either free or very close to it. (Almost all of these are free if you’re an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscriber.) These range from kids books to plays to more modern classics.

Peter Pan (J. M. Barrie)

Here’s one for parents looking for something to read to their kids, or Disney enthusiasts wanting to read the play that inspired the novel that inspired the 1953 classic. Peter Pan, also published as Peter and Wendy, is the story of Neverland, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the nefarious Captain Hook. A worthy disclaimer though: It contains portrayal of Native Americans that’s very… 1904.

Download Peter Pan free on Apple Books or for $2.23 on Kindle.

Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)

Like most classics, there’s a chance you may have suffered through Frankenstein during English classes in high school. We’ve all been there. Picking apart any book in school is enough to turn anyone off a book, but Frankenstein has always been an exception to me. Not only is Frankenstein seen as the first science-fiction novel, it’s also a timeless parable, one of the finest examples of gothic literature and a true product of the Romantic movement.

Dracula (Bram Stoker)

Another one for the Goths! If you’re a fan of our undead friends, it’s worth experiencing one of the books that started it all. The story is terrific for those after a good, suspenseful gothic horror. It’s easy to think that Dracula is another hard-to-read classic, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The writing holds up really well (after over 100 years, that’s quite a feat) and it’s genuinely spooky in parts.

Download Dracula for free on Apple Books or for free on Amazon Kindle.

The Republic (Plato)

Greek philosophers are still harkened back to all these centuries later, which means they’re unlikely to fall out of style any time soon. Plato is arguably the most famous Greek philosopher — next to Socrates and Aristotle — and The Republic is his most famous work. What’s most striking about much (though thankfully maybe not all) of ancient Greek writing is how relatable it is today.

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